The philosophy behind Jacqueline Rousseau's designs stems from a love of contrasts: masculine and feminine, oversize shapes and delicate fabrics, contrasting colors and textures. It is this playful mix that gives such a bold element to her accessories. Inspiration comes from classic tailoring, old paint charts and swatches, hand woven fabrics, and everyday found objects.

A dive into printmaking led Jacqueline to design her first collection of ties, hand printed by silk screen. That first print was inspired by metal studs, southwest imagery, and geometric shapes. This print can be found in many color combinations throughout the collection, and has been an especially popular choice for custom wedding orders.

After spending her childhood in the Midwest, Jacqueline lived in the UK for seven years, completing her design degree at the London College of Fashion. Jacqueline now lives and works in New York City, where her line is designed and produced.